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The stage for this murder mystery is set with the improbable debut of the first female pitcher in Major League Baseball. The narrator, Frank Barr, is a veteran sports writer and baseball traditionalist longing for the old glory days of the game. On assignment from Baseball's Commissioner, Frank watches a little girl from the South, Greta Reich, take on the New York Yankees. Greta receives a standing ovation from the hometown crowd, but not everyone is cheering. Initially hailed as a hero to girls of all ages, her flamboyant presence on the mound and her outspoken nature fuels a media frenzy dead set on banishing her from baseball... 〈Read More〉


I loved her!

This is an improbable tale about the first female pitcher in the big leagues, but I bought into it from the start with the scene inside the commissioner's office. The story's heroine, Greta Reich, is an original character the reader may love or hate. I loved her! I loved her outspoken ways, her wit.

The author made the narrator, Frank Barr, a key character in the story. He's an aging baseball writer who decidedly exposes a male perspective. He has special access to Greta Reich and the way he covers her is a surprising. Barr also expresses harsh criticism of today's game. As a baseball fan with my own frustrations about how the game has evolved, I appreciated Barr's attitude.

My wife can attest that I literally couldn't put the book down; I begged off a night on the town, to keep on reading through the evening to its conclusion. It's an unorthodox mystery that was unpredictable. The author puts flesh and bones on the intrigue, sex, romance, and humor that is all part of the plot. A.T Armada is a great storyteller.
K. Terramazini - UNTOUCHABLE
A tour de force

In this unorthodox narrative about the first female pitcher in the majors, A.T. Armada defies the murder-mystery gods. I sensed something bad would happen but had no clue as to what or when. I've never thought so much over a mystery book's ending as I have over the ending of Untouchable. The telling is a tour de force.
Baseball, sex, murder, love lost

Personally, I would have liked more baseball and more sex. But that's just me. I've read several baseball novels and the good ones can get you caught up in a fictional game. This one did too but the plot marched on beyond the play by play moments. The story and the narration are original. I read the book in two days.
Louis Bove - FRVR
Old people are hunted down

The premise was most interesting: aging is a disease and a vaccine has been developed to stop it. I was pulled into the book from the start with the narrator's dilemna, having hidden his father from health authorities seeking to bring him into the "immortality center," one of thousands that are sprouting up around the country. The director of this immortality center is Stalina Petrov, and she becomes the most amazing female character of any fictional story I've ever read. The story is full of surprises and builds to a suspenseful and haunting end. This is the second Armada book I've read. I highly recommend it.
Henry C. - FRVR
Suspenseful from start to finish

With vaccines at the forefront today, the story of a vaccine for elderly people and the promise of immortality makes for a spell bounding story that keeps your attention throughout. Add a romantic twist to the drama and you can't put the book down, especially the final two chapters. Well worth the price.
Mike Corbin - FRVR
An antiutopian of the current future!

In protest of the government mandate for seniors to "take the jab" promising a longer life, love and protection outweigh the laws of conformity. Entwined with romance, rebellion and seduction, the main character defies the "Orwellian" society that life has become. The story is constructed in a way that allowed me to relate easily to Guy, knowing I would probably react in the same way. He's an everyday man who is confronted with only one true choice, protect his family. I was drawn to the intrigue of the religious connotations of the government using faith for its own goals and the romantic relations between Guy and Stalina. Is she trustworthy or playing with him for her own devilish interests? An outstanding story in its complexities compelling you to want to keep reading and leaving you to wonder, did she lose her "mind" or gain protection for a surprising return? A great read!!
Ilce Corbin - FRVR
Stalina Rules

I have never come across a character like Stalina in the novels I’ve read. Is she a villain or heroine, a femme fatale or woman of true passion? She is a woman of beautiful contradictions and I loved her! I am still haunted by the end of this story. After reading FRVR, I can’t look at present times with any innocence anymore. Society is hunting down elderly people. Aging is considered a disease that must be eradicated. FRVR is said to be an anti-aging vaccine that will bring immortality. There is a big “why?” floating above this narration as Guy Bondine hides his old father in the attic. I could not put this book down, and I’m beginning to itch to start reading it again.
Bryna Stankiewicz - FRVR
Mind blowing...could this Happen??

I highly recommend FRVR! From beginning to end, FRVR is thought provoking, fascinating and shocking at times. A book that pre-pandemic would have seemed like fantasy, however, post pandemic now appears can possibly become a reality. The role of government, religion and the pharmaceutical industry joining forces under the guise of protecting society should be a good thing. But is it? FRVR is a compelling dive into that question. It demonstrates what government control, the destruction of privacy and the “fake news” and misinformation age of today and how impacts the morals and values of society. It shows how the gullibility of people can lead to unimaginable outcomes when as in this book, society believes and abides by the mandates when the promise is they can live forever. The fear of aging is ingrained in all of us and has become a global phobia, as well as something to reverse or stop. Except for Guy, a man who sees what is happening and is focused on protecting his family as he searches for the truth in a community convinced there is a vaccine for everything. Wrapped around his daily life and an unexpected romance with someone from the other side, Stalina, this story has surprising twists, disquieting and unsettling situations and is compelling until the very last unforeseen and startling ending. Do I know what happened in the end? I am not sure even today. I loved this book and I can’t wait for the next one!
Norma Elsa Calitri - FRVR
A son's love for his aging father

The book was well writing and exciting. It showed the love he had for his aging father and how to protect him. A must read book the love of family. A+
About the author
A.T. Armada has been the editor of special interest magazines for four decades. Untouchable is his first published novel.
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